The perfect gift for nurses! Find your perfect nurse fob watch here as you shop our collection of nurses watches that are designed specifically for the nursing profession. Stay on time for your shifts with a stylish and reliable timepiece.

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The Perfect Nurse Fob Watch

Is there such as thing as the perfect nurse fob watch? As much as we’d like this to be true (as it would make our life so much easier!), unfortunately it’s not.

Every nurse is looking for something that suits their role and personality, which is why we offer so many different types of nurses watches.

One consistent rquirement we and our customers have though, is great value, and great quality. More than most, our nurses need watches that will stand the test of time, so the movement inside each watch must be of high quality, and accurate.

This is why at Nurse Time all of our nurse fob watches come with a 12 month warranty to ensure that if anything happens to your nurse watch you can simply contact us and we can help you replace it as soon as possible.

How to Choose a Nurse Fob Watch as a Gift

Whether it's a graduation gift for a newly minted nurse, or a gift for an experienced nurse, a nurses watch make for the perfect gift. But which one to buy? All of our nurse watches will do the job from a practical perspective (and come with both a warranty and satisfaction guarantee), but largely it will come down to how well you know the recipient. If you are 100% they will like that purple cartoon character nurse watch, then probably stay clear!

Keep it it classy is the safest bet, with our Fob & Co. branded watches or our Swiss Classique nurse watches being the best options.